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Aldershot Parish Registers - marriages: 
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Rushmore - The Park Crematorium, Aldershot 

Jewish Cemetery at Aldershot:
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Aldershot (St Michael)
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Aldershot Military Cemetery:
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While not free, the following is very useful if you are trying to track down the proper records for a relative buried at the Aldershot Military Cemetery. Please note, this is a cut and paste from another site, so I didn't write the following:

"The burial registers for the Aldershot Military Cemetery between 20 August 1856 and 8 September 1911 are held at the National Archives under their references: WO 156/99-102.

According to their website, the Aldershot Military Museum holds some burial records for the Aldershot Military Cemetery; but after contacting them I have found that they only relate to the nineteenth century; they kindly informed me that many of the records relating to the cemetery, with burial registers probably after 1911 with copies of those prior to that date, are still held by the Garrison Office. Anybody trying to find somebody buried there will need to send their enquiry in writing to Garrison Sergeant Major at the address given below, who will then pass it to the appropriate office on your behalf.

Garrison Sergeant Major
Headquarters Aldershot
Wellington House
St Omar Barracks
Thornhill Road
GU11 2BG 

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Anonymous said...

All of the Military Cemetery records are now held by the Cemetery Clerk at Headquarters Aldershot Garrison. Contact telephone number is 01252 348214.

Tee Emm said...

The CLERK for the Aldershot Military Cemetery is fantastically helpful . Quite unlike the obstreperous people you find elsewhere.